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Burning Wheel Game's Journal
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Monday, June 16th, 2008
10:22 am
Here's the deal. I'm wrapping the Burning Lannent game tonight. I'll tell you what was going on in the background and answer any questions you have. The story, I think, will be far more interesting than the game would be.

I haven't been enjoying the game for a while now. I'm sorry. I've run some incredible games in the past and some real crappy ones. This one falls somewhere in between, but it's sliding father down the crap axis and I don't want to beat a dead horse. There have been some really awesome moments and you guys have been great when we've actually been focused on the game. Laura especially, I have watched you grow from a purely distracting influence to an integral contributing player.

What precipitated this decision? A player told me that they were frustrated with the game and needed to take a break. I was in the process of writing back agreeing wholeheartedly. That's not a good position to be in, either for me, or for my players. The only reason I'm still running this game is to try to get it to a point that I can wrap it up and it's becoming slower and less cohesive every day. At this rate, it could take another year to wrap the story and I'm not prepared to invest that time.

So, anyone who comes to game tonight will find out the secrets of the universe, provided I can still remember them all.

Thanks for playing and making the good parts great and at least providing pleasant company during the bad parts.
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
4:03 pm
3 lives hang in the balance
... and countless nameless NPC's, but if they were important they would have names.

*The King

A note on Xandessa's mindset. The King has long been on her To Kill list. In fact he was the second person on the list (Hobson just has to 1-up everyone). He is a loathsome little weasel whose primary contribution to society has been as a speed bump for Hobson. HOWEVER, he is one of the last barriers preventing Hobson from seizing power. Xandessa is just one woman. Send assassins after the party or the Gilvernesses and she can stop them. Send an army, and she would slow them down, but not for long. If the King dies... I won't go so far as to say the party and the Gilvernesses are doomed, but Kartia will be an unpleasant place to say the least. It also goes without saying that the Church's ambitions will be squashed, and Kartia will be led by one of the most devious, cunning, and amoral creatures in the world that was not a starting member of our party.

If Xandessa were to choose, it would be to save the King over herself. The odds for her surviving to old age are slim to none, and if it is her time to die, she will have gone out the way she wanted. She will have died serving others and a higher cause, and having finally found a purpose greater than herself to direct her energies into. Not that Xandessa particularly cares about such things, but it would also be glorious, and her name would probably find its place somewhere in history.

Toph is a little different than Xandessa. Horace not making Xandess his primary or even secondary concern is not necessarily a death Sentence for her. He could loan his skill to Alli, someone could try to help her untrained, or they may even be someone with the field dressing or surgery skill in the crowd of survivors. There's persona, but I would feel somewhat cheap relying on that in a dramatic situation like this.
If Xandessa does die, or lives and comes out of this with permantent or semi-permanent injuries, Toph holds no grudges. I would actually be a little upset if either players or characters acted out of sentimentality rather than out of their sense of what must be done. Xandessa would have none of it, and neither should I. I would be sad to see her go, but the game would be meaningless if there weren't that threat of our own mortality hanging over our heads.
Shaughn's a good enough GM that if she does die, I could be reintegrated into the plot as either a new character or an existing NPC, or in some other capacity.

So Xandessa's vote is:
1. Save the King
2. Save Catherine or herself
(Xandessa doesn't really know about Catherine, but Toph would understand if Horace saved her over Xandessa because of their past together, so no worries there Evan)
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
1:14 am
Xandessa's injury location
Right abdomen. Missed the lung!
Monday, April 21st, 2008
1:56 pm
Once more onto the bridge dear friends!

Just a mini-recap of where everyone was at the end of last game:
*Xandessa's on the center of the bridge, standing off against 8 or so BK's. 2 are currently engaged in combat with her, 1 is injured.
*Ally's standing defensively in front of Richard
*Sedgewick is squaring off against one (or more) BK's at the foot of the bridge. He still has 1 or 2 rounds of raging left, at least.
*Horace is with the [NPC] and the guardsmen at the foot of the bridge, getting people off the bridge and explaining the situation with the coming flood.
*Eriola is heading away from the bridge with her entourage, on a collision course with Gareth.
*The flood is not yet visible.
*The Barons and baronesses have been holding their actions, other than some protestations from Lady Grace.
*Richard has been defied, and an attempt has been made to strike him.

Also, we still need to do Artha.
Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
12:42 pm
Ali's recollections of the evening
Round One
- Ali and Eriola jump off the boat and land on shore. Two of the little metal death-projectiles hit the boat.
- 2 of the BK start running across the chain. 2 more hop into a boat. 2 others make their way down the bridge, while 2 others hang out on the opposite shore, shooting at people. The other squad breaks into 2 groups of 4, herding the king and the barons onto the bridge.
- Sedge beats a path to the bridge, Xandessa and Horace follow in his wake, Xandessa stripping off her armor.
- City guards start plummeting off the rooftops, and people in the king's train start getting attacked.

Round Two
- Ali tells Eriola to start screaming "Treason!" and then casts tension on the chain, knocking the two knights into the water (Toph's suggestion originally). She then disappears into the crowd, heading for the bridge.
- The 8 knights on the bridge continue herding, the 2 in the boat continue sailing, the 2 on the opposite shore continue shooting, the 2 at the end of the bridge get ready to fight, and the 2 on the chain fall off, but manage to catch the chain, and continue heading towards the shore, albeit more slowly. Jerks.
- Eriola, never loathe to make a spectacle of herself, begins screaming "Treason! They're going to kill the king!" Fortunately, the man next to her had just gotten his throat disintegrated by a metal-thingy, so she has an excellent example to point to. Panic set in. Innocents die. A woman and a baby fall into the river. We hope the other patrol boats can save them.
- Xandessa hands her armor and pack (minus a crowbar and grappling hook) to Horace and begins to climb, upside down, on the underside of the bridge, heading for the Lady Grace.
- Horace and Sedge get to the end of the bridge, start tangling with the soldiers there who are braced to keep them from coming through (ha!)
- More panic. More death.

Round Three
- Ali runs towards the bridge, weaving through the crowd, and trying to stay out of sight of BKs.
- BKs continue doing their actions from Round Two, and the 2 at the foot of the bridge move in to intercept Horace and Sedge.
- Eriola keeps with the screaming, now chanting "Get off the bridge!" There is an unspoken "bitches" at the end of that. She gets surrounded by the Church mercenaries. Refers to them as her 'entourage'
- Xandessa keeps climbing. The boat with the BKs sails under her position, but she freezes and avoids being seen. Thank the Mother no one ever looks up.
- Horace tries talking to the guards, convincing them to let him through.
- Beastmen start running out of the alleys. People keep dying--now in greater numbers.
- Sedge prepares to battle beastmen. He is happy; for the first time, he understands exactly what he's supposed to do. Except then he decides to forgo killing beastmen in favor of killing the pair of BKs. He gets pretty hurt in the first exchange, then fails to keep the visitor in his head from taking over. He goes into a berserker rage, ignoring all wound penalties for the next five rounds.

Round Four
- Ali casts jump, lands on the railing of the bridge. Successfully masks, so the BKs don't actually notice her--yet.
- The BKs continue their actions, except the 2 with the chain make it to shore.
- Eriola debates jumping into the water and trying to save the mother and baby; but then remembers that she can't swim. Takes her entourage and starts also heading for the bridge.
- Xandessa swings up over the side of the bridge, shouts for the Lady Grace. Grace tells people to not harm her, as Xandessa is a friend to the crown, BKs totally don't listen, and 2 of them move into position around her. She explains that we were sent by Alyssande to help him, and that there about to be a flood, and points to the river. Everyone turns and looks dramatically. There is NOT a wall of water coming, whew!
- Horace tries to break through the soldiers. He fails, and ends up on his back, with angry men pointing halberds at his throat. Fortunately, the captain of this squad is Kate Montmorency--the little girl Horace had rescued years ago. She lets him up, he convinces her that the bridge is about to be a Very Bad Place to be in a few moments; she rallies her men and starts heading up the bridge to get the king off of it.
- The king starts ordering people around ineffectually, and is ignored by the BKs. Grace starts yelling for people to get the motherfucking king off this motherfucking bridge (sorta). People below keep with the dying. Buildings are now aflame.
- Sedge picks up one of the BKs, and slams him into the other, sending the 2nd one flying over the railing. The 1st lands on the ground in front of Sedge, and seems pretty beat up.

Round Five
- Throws a bola, tangling one of the BKs on the bridge, and then hops off the railing, so as not to be a giant fucking target. She is, however, surrounded by a bunch of soldiers.
- Other BKs start heading for the bridge, except the two in the boat. The two on Xandessa attack.
- Eriola and co keep heading to the bridge; unfortunately, the BK Sedge had tossed has now gotten up. They attack the it. One of the babies kicks, drawing the BK's attention directly to Eriola's pregnant belly. This =/= Good Thing
- Xandessa defends, and her magic sword cuts right through one of the suits of armor. Suddenly, all the BKs on the bridge are looking at her.
- Horace follows Kate as she forces her way up the bridge.
- A new group of men come running out of the alleys. It's Gareth Golden-Eye, with reinforcements! They begin killing beastmen.
- Sedge picks up one of the fallen (magic) swords from the ground, and shoves it through the other BK's eye slit. It falls, dripping blood and ichor. There's one glorious moment when Sedge is the hero, and then in true Sedge fashion, he screws it up by drinking the fluids out of the dead man's head. We are SO going to have trouble explaining that one.

Round Six
- Ali Jumps out from the soldier's midst to the king. She is not lucky enough to do anything cool like move him out of harm's way. She takes up a defensive stance in front of the king.
- One of the BKs swats at Richard, which (surprisingly) he ducks. The two on Xandessa keep attacking. The 2 on the boat reach shore. The BK on the ground reaches for Eriola's belly.
- Eriola puts everything she has into dodging the BK's attack.
- Xandessa parries their attack, and throws a shadestone figurine into the hole in the armor. It seems to act like a hot coal in the armor, but the BK doesn't explode, or drop immobile, or anything cool like that.
- Horace keeps following Kate
- Panic. Death. Lather, rinse, repeat. Gareth and co. manage to knock the two BKs from the chain back off the edge and into the water.
- Sedge leaps over the edge of the bridge, and (FF-VII style) lands on the other BK, sword-first. What little action Eriola has left is now used to get away from Sedge who is clearly acting all creepified.
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
12:09 pm
Recap part 1
wowzers I need a Xandessa icon.

Ok, so here's what I remember, in the short amount of time I have to post:
*Ally and Areola jump to shore from the boat.
*Sedgewick plows the way through the crowd to the edge of the bridge while Xandess strips off her armor and pack.
*Black knights jump onto boats, 2 start running across the chain
*Ally casts tension on the chain, causing the BK's to fall. They grab onto the chain, but are slowed by their partial submergeance.
*Areola starts rallying the crowd, now seperated from Ally. Her words start to spread, warning of the danger of the bridge.
*Beast men come out of the alleyways and start attacking, Sedgewick starts heading for them to fight.
*Horace starts trying to convince the guards on the bridge that the bridge is going to be destroyed.
*Xandessa leaves her pack and Armor with Horace, starts using crowbar and grapling hook to climb the underside of the bridge, making her way to the center.
*City guard are attacked on the rooftops and thrown off.
*The BK's on the far shore shoot projectiles at Ally, they miss her but kill innocents.
*The other BK's on the far side continue to herd the nobles towards the center of the bridge.
*Guardsmen see attacking on both sides, start pushing back onto the bridge to form a defensible position.
*Ally makes her way through the crowd, ducking and weeving to the foot of the bridge.
*Black Knights on bridge start heading towards Sedge.
*Areola and her entourage begin to engage Beastmen, heading towards the bridge.
*(Not sure which happense first) Sedgewick does an upward slice against one of the BK's, the BK's land a significant blow on Sedgewick.
*Sedgewick fails a steel test, goes berserk.
*Horace tries struggling to through the guardsman to what appears to be their captain. They subdue him with force, but he manages to draw attention to himself.
*The Captain comes over to him and he shouts out the warning. She removes her helmet, and they recognize each other.
*Ally uses the jump spell to get on the bridge (was there a second jump spell to get to the center of the bridge?)
*Xandessa flips over the side to shout the warning, and points up the river.
*Two of the BK's turn to engage Xandessa, Xandessa deflects their blow and rakes a hole in one of the armors.
*Lady Grace tells the BK's to stand down, but they ignore.
*Sedgewick picks up one of the BK's by the visor and knocks the other BK down, throwing the first into the river.
*Areola's squadron attacks the downed BK and damages it.
*Ally jumps to the center, and tosses her bola entangling one of the BK's before dropping down into the guards on the bridge. She convinces them not to attack her.
*Goldeneye appears with reinforcements, mowing through the beast men.
*Sedgewick is also meanwhile being attacked by city guradsmen.
*Horace explains the situation to [name], and she commands the guard to get the nobles and the king of the bridge. This cry joins the chant that Areola has started. The guards start pushing back off the bridge.
*The BK that was attacking Areola fixes it's gaize on her stomach.
*The BK's on the boat land on the shore.
*The BK with Areola's group attempts to grab her, but her entourage deflects the attack.
*Xandessa shouts to the King that his bride still lives, but they needed to get off the bridge and away from the treacherous BK's.
*The king tells the BK's to stand down, they ignore him, one attempts to back hand him.
*Ally 'jumps' to protect the king.
*The king dodges the backhand.
*Sedgewick picks up the sword of the fallen BK, and slides it into the visor of the BK that attacked Areola, through it's head. He then drinks from the skull.
*When Xandessa had deflected the BK's attack, there were sparks as the magic swords met. All the Black Knights on the bridge turned to her.
*The two BK's attack Xandessa again (I believe she got a superficial wound), but she was able to turn away most of the force of the attack.
*Xandessa countered and pressed the shadestone into the whole in the one set of armor, which seemed to have some sort of effect.
*Gareth was able to shove 2 of the BK's into the water
*I believe Sedgewick engaged the 2 BK's that came off the boat, and knocked one down, but I cannot recall exactly how.
*Ally stood protectively over the King.
*Xandessa stood with her sword out in a defensive stance urging the nobles to flee the bridge.
*Horace stood with [name] contemplating his next action, as the guards surrounding him began making space on land for people exiting the bridge.
*Areola began retreating from a clearly dangerous Sedgewick, on a collision course with Gareth, who was making his way towards the bridge.
*Sedgewick continues to berserk against the BK's, oblivious to his mounting injuries.

**I know there was more stuff going on, but time and memory constraints aren't helping. Please add what you remember.
Monday, April 14th, 2008
10:31 am
A quick recap of where we are....

First, the setting:

Crowds surround the Kings Cross Road hoping for a glance at the leaders of the land. The River that flows under the Queen's and King's Cross bridges are choked with boats holding sightseers. Two chains cross the river up and downstream from the Queen's Cross Bridge, preventing sightseers from getting to near the bridge. Four boats patrol these chains and fish out unlucky sightseers who have fallen into the river.

The water level is continuing to sink due to blockage by the assassins. The water will be released soon to flood the river in anticipation of crushing the hundreds of boats into the bridge, collapsing it and killing the King.

The funeral procession is proceeding down Kings Cross Road. The Barons, Baronesses and/or their representatives are currently on the Queen's Cross Bridge. The King and the Black Guards are just behind and about to begin crossing the bridge. The Black Guards number at least three patrols of eight guards. Six have split off to each side of the bridge after Xandessa's River Warning Broadcast. The remaining Black Guards appear to be herding the king onto the bridge.

The players:

Eriola and Ali are in a patrol boat (controlled by Church loyalists) against the bank, upstream of the bridge and on the opposite bank from the king.

Horace, Sedge and Xandessa, along with a small contingent of church loyalists (mercenaries?) are charging through the crowd to the end of the bridge opposite the king.

Our strengths, abilities and useful posessions:

Eriola: World's fastest pregnant woman, silver tongue, (meta) tons of artha

Ali: Jump spell, Blaze

Xandessa: Mad sword skills, Rope, Shadestone

Horace: Adrenalin spell, Bird, the Silk Lady

Sedgewick: Plows through crowds with ease, strong as an ox, His passenger could be an "asset" in some circumstances

Soooo.... ideas?

I think Ali's Jump spell, Eriola's insane speed and silver tongue, and possibly Xandessa's rope could be the keys to surviving and saving the king.
11:28 am
Knight's Gambit
Tonight, there will be blood and fire. There will be magic and mayhem. There will be pain and death. There will be water and steel. There will be stew and fresh baked bread.

Seriously. Hippy Beef Stew and fresh baked bread. If others wanted to bring drinks, snacks, or desserts to supplement, that would be awesome and cut down on prep time.

Since the stew is already in the crock pot, cooking as of 9AM, there will be no dinner delay. I'd like to start promptly at 6pm.



The Nightstone Palace. The seat of power for the Kings of Kardia and one of the oldest structures in the kingdom. It was built by the great grandfather of Lyros Kardiff of dark basalt, quarried from the Titan's Wall, atop the even older ruins of a ancient shadestone fortress. The first King of Kardia strengthened the fortress and added annexes for the halls of governance and needs of state. Within the inner walls are expansive residences for the ruling families of the Kingdom. Bounded on the west by the Wydrun Sea and on the south by the River Lyrraine, protected by canals and fortified bridges, the Palace is surrounded by the richly appointed high estates of the Baronial families (though most also have personal holdings in other parts of the city). The Palace overlooks its own personal harbor, brimming with royal couriers and ships of war.

A small army of servants scurry back and forth, preparing the palace to receive the influx of high ranking mourners who now accompany the body of Kamryn Lyros to the Palace. By tradition, the king's own wine cellar has been breached and kegs rolled out to the crowd gathered on the city side of the Isle's bridges. Empty kegs are rolled back in, clattering over the cobblestones. One of the servants, a slender man with a slightly sardonic cast to his features, pauses a moment near one of the palace guard to adjust the hem of his cloak. The guard lounges carelessly against a stanchion, singing a bawdy song while gesturing wildly with a half-full flagon.

The servant hisses under his breath "Knock it off Ethos. You're drawing attention. Can't you act like you're drunk without acting like you're acting?"

The guard pauses in his ribaldery for a moment. "Come off it Parthos. Nobody's noticing anything right now. Every guard in the palace who isn't with us is as drunk as a skunk, the seaward gates are open, and the beacon fuel's been replaced with horse piss. When the shit hits the fan, all we have to do is close the doors and hold the place against an army for a few hours."

"Stop being such an optimist. Anything goes wrong now and if we're very very lucky, we'll die in a messy fight. If we're not so lucky, we'll be a very long time dying, and it's not going to be pretty."

The large guard reaches up to thoughtfully finger an ornate metal necklace at his throat. "My friend. This whole plan was your idea. It's a good one. Stop worrying and remember why we're here. If it works, we'll rid ourselves of a tyrant and help place an honest man on the throne. If it fails, at least we'll have friends waiting for us on the other side."

The slender man's face lights up in a crooked grin. "Oh right, I forgot the silver lining was death. Since you put it that way, how could I have any hesitation. You've got a funny sense of humor my friend."

The guardsman looks mildly surprised. "I wasn't joking".

"I know, that's what makes it so funny!"

"And you say that *I* have a funny sense of humor. It's almost time. Get that barrel into position and make sure your crew is ready. And for Mother's sake, loosen the stopcock on that barrel before Aeric suffocates in there!"

The guard resumes his off-key singing as the slender servant rolls the empty barrel back into the depths of the Nightstone Palace.
Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
4:05 pm
Monday, March 31st, 2008
11:32 pm
Dearest Lady Grace
Our best guess is an attempt on the Queen's Cross Bridge, from one of the myriad boats on the river. However, we believe we got a prophetic message from the Mother.

It says:

In the Stone of Night
Behold the Spire of Silver
The Truthspeaker Stands
Casts a Shadow
Over the City of Lights
Darkness Falls As Daylight

We feel it's not related to the assasination, but larger than that. - Something about all of Kardia. Be prepared to evacuate the city. Pick your battles wisely; remember Kardia is more than one Dynasty.

Oh, and we lost Lyselle in the crowds.



PS Horace is the awesomest person I have ever met. If the church needs a male leader, I nominate him for the post. Perhaps we should even make him the leader of the entire church. I'm just sayin.
Thursday, December 13th, 2007
10:21 am
Moulder and diseases
I updated the Wiki with info on Moulder and the disease that Ali has. Take a look, especially at Moulder.
Monday, December 3rd, 2007
11:56 am
Game tonight, 5:30pm. Do we have a food plan?

Evan and Nuance were the only 2 with anything to contribute by email
to the actual sea voyage so here goes:

Thanks to Xandessa being an early riser and to Eriola feeding puppies
straight through the night, you arrive at the docks in the grey, foggy
darkness of pre-dawn. Haglund has apparently already been up for
hours, if he slept at all. The ship is swarming with crew making
final preparations for a dangerous sea crossing. Final supplies are
loaded, including your gear and a small lactating goat (for Eriola).
Before the sun begins to lighten the sky, the lights of Greymere Cove
are disappearing behind you. The fog burns off as the morning sun
rises behind you. Haglund sails due west, leaving the sight of land
entirely. The sea is strangely calm but thunderheads threaten to the
south. Haglund tells you that the storm looks like it's heading
inland to spend itself against the Titan's wall. Nothing to worry

Horace spends some time grinding and performing some kind of liquid
extraction and purification on some kind of root. He hangs long
narrow sticks in the fluid and slowly cooks off the liquid, leaving
behind crystals on a stick, which he gives out to those of you who are
seasick. He tells you to break off pieces and suck on them to relieve
nausea. Meanwhile, one of the crew has probably given you some ginger
root to suck on, which works just as well and didn't take 6 hours to

Ten hours of sailing passes uneventfully. You only see a few other
vessels. Haglund explains that nobody sails the Silent sea. The
trade of the sea is pearls, crab, and fish; all coastal commodities.
Most of those who live and work on the Silent Sea never really leave
sight of the land or the sea. They live their whole lives on the
interface between rock and brine. A few vessels cut across to wide
expanse of the sheltered sea, patrol ships and traders, but they are
shallow drafted and storms can come up quickly and unexpectedly. A
few brave souls are lost every year, not even counting those foolhardy
enough to risk the Dragon's Teeth.

Midafternoon, you see Haglund on the foredeck, looking through a
strange wooden tube. Horace expresses an interest. Haglund picked it
up on his travels south. It's called a spyglass and is a clever
conglomeration of brass, wood, and glass lenses which allow one to see
clearly at a long distance. You check, it's not magical. The forward
lens is housed in such a way that it can be slid forward and back
inside the housing to bring things at various distances into focus,
similar to eyeglasses but much more powerful.

Anyway. You are approaching the Teeth. They are a band of rocky
islands, part of the Titan's Wall in fact, which cut the Silent Sea
off from the Wydrun Sea. Sailing between the islands will take
several dangerous hours. The area is rife with submerged rock,
whirlpools, crosscurrents and riptide. Haglund has planned the
approach so that you can run tonight while the tide is high and
hopefully make it through before dark, or you can wait 12 hours and
try tomorrow. The storm to the south is still threatening. If it
does hit tonight you'll be stuck out on the open sea in a nasty storm
and it may not blow out for days.

So. Haglund asks. Do we go tonight or do we wait? Conditions could
be better but there's no way to predict if they're going to get better
or worse from here on out. Unless, of course, one of you can predict the weather.
Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:09 am
Sent as email, but also provided here for note taking an discussion
I've been working on the wiki a bit. My not quite new year's resolution is to keep the game notes up-to-date and start working backwards to fill.

To see a list of recent updates:

The most important to you specifically:

Also: If anyone has plans on what they'll be doing for the next 3-5 days on a ship, tell me now and I'll do a travel montage rather than spend a lot of game time on it. Especially anything you might want to do to help with crossing the Dragon's Teeth (like Ali's plan to use Detect Motion and serve as Lookout).
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
10:30 am
Last night I had a dream about the Burning wheel game. We had this giant tablet that was actually some sort of symbolic puzzle, and there was a riddle. We figured out the riddle, solved the Kartian problem, went to Dragobin-wherever, got another puzzle piece, went to the dove-dying-trees, got another piece, and then we finished everything else.

And then we were all given fabulous cash prizes of $2000 each.

Just sayin'. Ya know.
Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
11:30 pm
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
1:57 pm
Keys of Power

Transcribed from a post by Nu.
Monday, October 29th, 2007
1:48 pm
Ok, so not many people are weighing in on original Hobson post:

So I figure I'll just ask people straight out:
Do we in any way engage in dialogue with or accept any part of any offer from Hobson?

What are people willing to go ahead with, what are they not? You don't need to take time to write a long response covering all of your thoughts and making every point and counterpoint. Just make whatever are the most important points to you in bulletpoints. Sorry if these posts and e-mails seem a bit repetitive, I just don't want to spend 3 hours that we could be spending gaming going back and forth with this, when we either have a revolution to cause/avert or a mcguffin quest/scavenger hunt to complete, depending on our decisions.

Also, any suggestions for getting out of our current predicament without either leaving Sedgewick behind or decimating annihilating an entire border fort would be greatly appreciated, so we don't have that bonus discussion going on.
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
11:21 am
Hobson's Choice
Your first night after re-entering Kardia, Hobson contacted you through ADAM. Basically, he wants to know if you're a threat to Kardia or an asset to it. Will you work with him to build the future he envisions, fight against him, or simply step aside and let things pass without interference. You can discuss it here before your next meeting. Questions or clarifications are acceptable.
Monday, October 22nd, 2007
10:32 am
Getting out while the getting is good.
In the interest of trying to start on time tonight, I'd like to take a moment to lay out the situation...

Sedgwick is incarcerated for a "brutal assault" on a "Defender of the Realm" in a "time of war". Regardless of the actual merits of the case, Sedge is a commoner and Roche is a noble, so Sedge loses. This almost certainly means death or a lifetime of hard labor for Sedge. Roche has not filed formal charges yet, he's in and out of consciousness, but he has verified the guards' story. (That story being "Sedge made rude and inflammatory gestures toward a Lord of the Realm. When instructed to stand down, he took an aggressive stance toward a Lord of the Realm. Lord Roche moved to "pacify" the prisoner and was injured in the struggle.")

The rest of you are "guests" of the Earl of Rothwyr. While there are no formal charges against you, you have repeatedly lied to the Earl about who you are and why you are passing into Kardia through Shadowyrd Pass. He is disinclined to acquiesce to allowing your departure. Oddly, his simplest and most obvious solution is to throw you in a dungeon for a few months until things sort themselves out. Why he's still talking to you is anyone's guess.

Horace has stirred up some trouble while trying to defend Eriola's story by insisting that an impossible thing is true (Mythril can tarnish and Eriola's ring is Mythril). Unfortunately, he has piqued the interest of Earl Rothwyr's pet guild wizard, Umberland.

You have been escorted back to your "guest" apartments for the night following dinner with the Earl.

Game tonight at 6pm.
Monday, October 8th, 2007
2:03 pm
The Barony of Remainne
Shadowyrd Pass gradually widens and descends toward the city of Rothwyr and the Gilded Plains of Remainne. The base of the Pass is shielded by a large wall, which stretches across the opening, barring passage into Kardia. The Shadewine River runs through the lowest point of the pass, under the Wall of Shadowpass, and into the plains. A tent city of gold prospectors gathers on the mountain side of the wall to pan for gold before it passes into Kardia. Those bringing gold back into Kardia are heavily taxed, but the practice is encouraged.

Near Shadewine River stands to Fortress of Shadowpass which guards to wall and the city of Rothwyr. On the Eastern and Western Reaches of the wall stand twin keeps, simply called Eastreach and Westreach. Towers are spaced along the wall not more than a bowshot apart. The wall is perhaps 10 paces high. Where the Shadewine passes through the wall, a great iron grate blocks passage. The grate is periodically raised for cleaning and to allow the passage of logjams and various detritus, or to allow small vessels in or out. The river broadens and slows as it passes the wall, though in the grand scheme of things it is a minor river. Eventually it flows into the Lyros River, near Remarra.
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