Chris (ddrpolaris) wrote in burning_lannent,


Ok, so not many people are weighing in on original Hobson post:

So I figure I'll just ask people straight out:
Do we in any way engage in dialogue with or accept any part of any offer from Hobson?

What are people willing to go ahead with, what are they not? You don't need to take time to write a long response covering all of your thoughts and making every point and counterpoint. Just make whatever are the most important points to you in bulletpoints. Sorry if these posts and e-mails seem a bit repetitive, I just don't want to spend 3 hours that we could be spending gaming going back and forth with this, when we either have a revolution to cause/avert or a mcguffin quest/scavenger hunt to complete, depending on our decisions.

Also, any suggestions for getting out of our current predicament without either leaving Sedgewick behind or decimating annihilating an entire border fort would be greatly appreciated, so we don't have that bonus discussion going on.
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