Adverse (evan712) wrote in burning_lannent,

Dearest Lady Grace

Our best guess is an attempt on the Queen's Cross Bridge, from one of the myriad boats on the river. However, we believe we got a prophetic message from the Mother.

It says:

In the Stone of Night
Behold the Spire of Silver
The Truthspeaker Stands
Casts a Shadow
Over the City of Lights
Darkness Falls As Daylight

We feel it's not related to the assasination, but larger than that. - Something about all of Kardia. Be prepared to evacuate the city. Pick your battles wisely; remember Kardia is more than one Dynasty.

Oh, and we lost Lyselle in the crowds.



PS Horace is the awesomest person I have ever met. If the church needs a male leader, I nominate him for the post. Perhaps we should even make him the leader of the entire church. I'm just sayin.
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