Shaughn (shogunhb) wrote in burning_lannent,

Did I say feet?

I meant 30 to 40 paces. My bad.

Pretty close to what you're looking at, but not exactly
Queen's Cross Bridge over the River Lyrraine (a tributary that meets the Lyros River just before it enters the Wydrun Sea).

The Queen's Cross bridge is slightly more ornamented, with marble depictions of the Saintes and rulers of Kardia. The railing is low enough that those on the edge of the bridge can look over, giving you a view of the heads of those marching at the outermost edge of the bridge. Due to the angle, you can't see the heads of those near the middle of the bridge, but you can see the tops of carriages and the helmet plumes of those on horseback.

40 paces to cross the bridge. A normal walking human covers 3-4 paces per round, double that if they're running (triple with sprint training). Assume a non-hurried funeral procession will take about 10 rounds to cross the bridge (1 minute).
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