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A quick recap of where we are....

First, the setting:

Crowds surround the Kings Cross Road hoping for a glance at the leaders of the land. The River that flows under the Queen's and King's Cross bridges are choked with boats holding sightseers. Two chains cross the river up and downstream from the Queen's Cross Bridge, preventing sightseers from getting to near the bridge. Four boats patrol these chains and fish out unlucky sightseers who have fallen into the river.

The water level is continuing to sink due to blockage by the assassins. The water will be released soon to flood the river in anticipation of crushing the hundreds of boats into the bridge, collapsing it and killing the King.

The funeral procession is proceeding down Kings Cross Road. The Barons, Baronesses and/or their representatives are currently on the Queen's Cross Bridge. The King and the Black Guards are just behind and about to begin crossing the bridge. The Black Guards number at least three patrols of eight guards. Six have split off to each side of the bridge after Xandessa's River Warning Broadcast. The remaining Black Guards appear to be herding the king onto the bridge.

The players:

Eriola and Ali are in a patrol boat (controlled by Church loyalists) against the bank, upstream of the bridge and on the opposite bank from the king.

Horace, Sedge and Xandessa, along with a small contingent of church loyalists (mercenaries?) are charging through the crowd to the end of the bridge opposite the king.

Our strengths, abilities and useful posessions:

Eriola: World's fastest pregnant woman, silver tongue, (meta) tons of artha

Ali: Jump spell, Blaze

Xandessa: Mad sword skills, Rope, Shadestone

Horace: Adrenalin spell, Bird, the Silk Lady

Sedgewick: Plows through crowds with ease, strong as an ox, His passenger could be an "asset" in some circumstances

Soooo.... ideas?

I think Ali's Jump spell, Eriola's insane speed and silver tongue, and possibly Xandessa's rope could be the keys to surviving and saving the king.
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