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Recap part 1

wowzers I need a Xandessa icon.

Ok, so here's what I remember, in the short amount of time I have to post:
*Ally and Areola jump to shore from the boat.
*Sedgewick plows the way through the crowd to the edge of the bridge while Xandess strips off her armor and pack.
*Black knights jump onto boats, 2 start running across the chain
*Ally casts tension on the chain, causing the BK's to fall. They grab onto the chain, but are slowed by their partial submergeance.
*Areola starts rallying the crowd, now seperated from Ally. Her words start to spread, warning of the danger of the bridge.
*Beast men come out of the alleyways and start attacking, Sedgewick starts heading for them to fight.
*Horace starts trying to convince the guards on the bridge that the bridge is going to be destroyed.
*Xandessa leaves her pack and Armor with Horace, starts using crowbar and grapling hook to climb the underside of the bridge, making her way to the center.
*City guard are attacked on the rooftops and thrown off.
*The BK's on the far shore shoot projectiles at Ally, they miss her but kill innocents.
*The other BK's on the far side continue to herd the nobles towards the center of the bridge.
*Guardsmen see attacking on both sides, start pushing back onto the bridge to form a defensible position.
*Ally makes her way through the crowd, ducking and weeving to the foot of the bridge.
*Black Knights on bridge start heading towards Sedge.
*Areola and her entourage begin to engage Beastmen, heading towards the bridge.
*(Not sure which happense first) Sedgewick does an upward slice against one of the BK's, the BK's land a significant blow on Sedgewick.
*Sedgewick fails a steel test, goes berserk.
*Horace tries struggling to through the guardsman to what appears to be their captain. They subdue him with force, but he manages to draw attention to himself.
*The Captain comes over to him and he shouts out the warning. She removes her helmet, and they recognize each other.
*Ally uses the jump spell to get on the bridge (was there a second jump spell to get to the center of the bridge?)
*Xandessa flips over the side to shout the warning, and points up the river.
*Two of the BK's turn to engage Xandessa, Xandessa deflects their blow and rakes a hole in one of the armors.
*Lady Grace tells the BK's to stand down, but they ignore.
*Sedgewick picks up one of the BK's by the visor and knocks the other BK down, throwing the first into the river.
*Areola's squadron attacks the downed BK and damages it.
*Ally jumps to the center, and tosses her bola entangling one of the BK's before dropping down into the guards on the bridge. She convinces them not to attack her.
*Goldeneye appears with reinforcements, mowing through the beast men.
*Sedgewick is also meanwhile being attacked by city guradsmen.
*Horace explains the situation to [name], and she commands the guard to get the nobles and the king of the bridge. This cry joins the chant that Areola has started. The guards start pushing back off the bridge.
*The BK that was attacking Areola fixes it's gaize on her stomach.
*The BK's on the boat land on the shore.
*The BK with Areola's group attempts to grab her, but her entourage deflects the attack.
*Xandessa shouts to the King that his bride still lives, but they needed to get off the bridge and away from the treacherous BK's.
*The king tells the BK's to stand down, they ignore him, one attempts to back hand him.
*Ally 'jumps' to protect the king.
*The king dodges the backhand.
*Sedgewick picks up the sword of the fallen BK, and slides it into the visor of the BK that attacked Areola, through it's head. He then drinks from the skull.
*When Xandessa had deflected the BK's attack, there were sparks as the magic swords met. All the Black Knights on the bridge turned to her.
*The two BK's attack Xandessa again (I believe she got a superficial wound), but she was able to turn away most of the force of the attack.
*Xandessa countered and pressed the shadestone into the whole in the one set of armor, which seemed to have some sort of effect.
*Gareth was able to shove 2 of the BK's into the water
*I believe Sedgewick engaged the 2 BK's that came off the boat, and knocked one down, but I cannot recall exactly how.
*Ally stood protectively over the King.
*Xandessa stood with her sword out in a defensive stance urging the nobles to flee the bridge.
*Horace stood with [name] contemplating his next action, as the guards surrounding him began making space on land for people exiting the bridge.
*Areola began retreating from a clearly dangerous Sedgewick, on a collision course with Gareth, who was making his way towards the bridge.
*Sedgewick continues to berserk against the BK's, oblivious to his mounting injuries.

**I know there was more stuff going on, but time and memory constraints aren't helping. Please add what you remember.
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