N. Vivian (shadowravyn) wrote in burning_lannent,
N. Vivian

Ali's recollections of the evening

Round One
- Ali and Eriola jump off the boat and land on shore. Two of the little metal death-projectiles hit the boat.
- 2 of the BK start running across the chain. 2 more hop into a boat. 2 others make their way down the bridge, while 2 others hang out on the opposite shore, shooting at people. The other squad breaks into 2 groups of 4, herding the king and the barons onto the bridge.
- Sedge beats a path to the bridge, Xandessa and Horace follow in his wake, Xandessa stripping off her armor.
- City guards start plummeting off the rooftops, and people in the king's train start getting attacked.

Round Two
- Ali tells Eriola to start screaming "Treason!" and then casts tension on the chain, knocking the two knights into the water (Toph's suggestion originally). She then disappears into the crowd, heading for the bridge.
- The 8 knights on the bridge continue herding, the 2 in the boat continue sailing, the 2 on the opposite shore continue shooting, the 2 at the end of the bridge get ready to fight, and the 2 on the chain fall off, but manage to catch the chain, and continue heading towards the shore, albeit more slowly. Jerks.
- Eriola, never loathe to make a spectacle of herself, begins screaming "Treason! They're going to kill the king!" Fortunately, the man next to her had just gotten his throat disintegrated by a metal-thingy, so she has an excellent example to point to. Panic set in. Innocents die. A woman and a baby fall into the river. We hope the other patrol boats can save them.
- Xandessa hands her armor and pack (minus a crowbar and grappling hook) to Horace and begins to climb, upside down, on the underside of the bridge, heading for the Lady Grace.
- Horace and Sedge get to the end of the bridge, start tangling with the soldiers there who are braced to keep them from coming through (ha!)
- More panic. More death.

Round Three
- Ali runs towards the bridge, weaving through the crowd, and trying to stay out of sight of BKs.
- BKs continue doing their actions from Round Two, and the 2 at the foot of the bridge move in to intercept Horace and Sedge.
- Eriola keeps with the screaming, now chanting "Get off the bridge!" There is an unspoken "bitches" at the end of that. She gets surrounded by the Church mercenaries. Refers to them as her 'entourage'
- Xandessa keeps climbing. The boat with the BKs sails under her position, but she freezes and avoids being seen. Thank the Mother no one ever looks up.
- Horace tries talking to the guards, convincing them to let him through.
- Beastmen start running out of the alleys. People keep dying--now in greater numbers.
- Sedge prepares to battle beastmen. He is happy; for the first time, he understands exactly what he's supposed to do. Except then he decides to forgo killing beastmen in favor of killing the pair of BKs. He gets pretty hurt in the first exchange, then fails to keep the visitor in his head from taking over. He goes into a berserker rage, ignoring all wound penalties for the next five rounds.

Round Four
- Ali casts jump, lands on the railing of the bridge. Successfully masks, so the BKs don't actually notice her--yet.
- The BKs continue their actions, except the 2 with the chain make it to shore.
- Eriola debates jumping into the water and trying to save the mother and baby; but then remembers that she can't swim. Takes her entourage and starts also heading for the bridge.
- Xandessa swings up over the side of the bridge, shouts for the Lady Grace. Grace tells people to not harm her, as Xandessa is a friend to the crown, BKs totally don't listen, and 2 of them move into position around her. She explains that we were sent by Alyssande to help him, and that there about to be a flood, and points to the river. Everyone turns and looks dramatically. There is NOT a wall of water coming, whew!
- Horace tries to break through the soldiers. He fails, and ends up on his back, with angry men pointing halberds at his throat. Fortunately, the captain of this squad is Kate Montmorency--the little girl Horace had rescued years ago. She lets him up, he convinces her that the bridge is about to be a Very Bad Place to be in a few moments; she rallies her men and starts heading up the bridge to get the king off of it.
- The king starts ordering people around ineffectually, and is ignored by the BKs. Grace starts yelling for people to get the motherfucking king off this motherfucking bridge (sorta). People below keep with the dying. Buildings are now aflame.
- Sedge picks up one of the BKs, and slams him into the other, sending the 2nd one flying over the railing. The 1st lands on the ground in front of Sedge, and seems pretty beat up.

Round Five
- Throws a bola, tangling one of the BKs on the bridge, and then hops off the railing, so as not to be a giant fucking target. She is, however, surrounded by a bunch of soldiers.
- Other BKs start heading for the bridge, except the two in the boat. The two on Xandessa attack.
- Eriola and co keep heading to the bridge; unfortunately, the BK Sedge had tossed has now gotten up. They attack the it. One of the babies kicks, drawing the BK's attention directly to Eriola's pregnant belly. This =/= Good Thing
- Xandessa defends, and her magic sword cuts right through one of the suits of armor. Suddenly, all the BKs on the bridge are looking at her.
- Horace follows Kate as she forces her way up the bridge.
- A new group of men come running out of the alleys. It's Gareth Golden-Eye, with reinforcements! They begin killing beastmen.
- Sedge picks up one of the fallen (magic) swords from the ground, and shoves it through the other BK's eye slit. It falls, dripping blood and ichor. There's one glorious moment when Sedge is the hero, and then in true Sedge fashion, he screws it up by drinking the fluids out of the dead man's head. We are SO going to have trouble explaining that one.

Round Six
- Ali Jumps out from the soldier's midst to the king. She is not lucky enough to do anything cool like move him out of harm's way. She takes up a defensive stance in front of the king.
- One of the BKs swats at Richard, which (surprisingly) he ducks. The two on Xandessa keep attacking. The 2 on the boat reach shore. The BK on the ground reaches for Eriola's belly.
- Eriola puts everything she has into dodging the BK's attack.
- Xandessa parries their attack, and throws a shadestone figurine into the hole in the armor. It seems to act like a hot coal in the armor, but the BK doesn't explode, or drop immobile, or anything cool like that.
- Horace keeps following Kate
- Panic. Death. Lather, rinse, repeat. Gareth and co. manage to knock the two BKs from the chain back off the edge and into the water.
- Sedge leaps over the edge of the bridge, and (FF-VII style) lands on the other BK, sword-first. What little action Eriola has left is now used to get away from Sedge who is clearly acting all creepified.
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