Chris (ddrpolaris) wrote in burning_lannent,

3 lives hang in the balance

... and countless nameless NPC's, but if they were important they would have names.

*The King

A note on Xandessa's mindset. The King has long been on her To Kill list. In fact he was the second person on the list (Hobson just has to 1-up everyone). He is a loathsome little weasel whose primary contribution to society has been as a speed bump for Hobson. HOWEVER, he is one of the last barriers preventing Hobson from seizing power. Xandessa is just one woman. Send assassins after the party or the Gilvernesses and she can stop them. Send an army, and she would slow them down, but not for long. If the King dies... I won't go so far as to say the party and the Gilvernesses are doomed, but Kartia will be an unpleasant place to say the least. It also goes without saying that the Church's ambitions will be squashed, and Kartia will be led by one of the most devious, cunning, and amoral creatures in the world that was not a starting member of our party.

If Xandessa were to choose, it would be to save the King over herself. The odds for her surviving to old age are slim to none, and if it is her time to die, she will have gone out the way she wanted. She will have died serving others and a higher cause, and having finally found a purpose greater than herself to direct her energies into. Not that Xandessa particularly cares about such things, but it would also be glorious, and her name would probably find its place somewhere in history.

Toph is a little different than Xandessa. Horace not making Xandess his primary or even secondary concern is not necessarily a death Sentence for her. He could loan his skill to Alli, someone could try to help her untrained, or they may even be someone with the field dressing or surgery skill in the crowd of survivors. There's persona, but I would feel somewhat cheap relying on that in a dramatic situation like this.
If Xandessa does die, or lives and comes out of this with permantent or semi-permanent injuries, Toph holds no grudges. I would actually be a little upset if either players or characters acted out of sentimentality rather than out of their sense of what must be done. Xandessa would have none of it, and neither should I. I would be sad to see her go, but the game would be meaningless if there weren't that threat of our own mortality hanging over our heads.
Shaughn's a good enough GM that if she does die, I could be reintegrated into the plot as either a new character or an existing NPC, or in some other capacity.

So Xandessa's vote is:
1. Save the King
2. Save Catherine or herself
(Xandessa doesn't really know about Catherine, but Toph would understand if Horace saved her over Xandessa because of their past together, so no worries there Evan)
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