Shaughn (shogunhb) wrote in burning_lannent,

The Barony of Remainne

Shadowyrd Pass gradually widens and descends toward the city of Rothwyr and the Gilded Plains of Remainne. The base of the Pass is shielded by a large wall, which stretches across the opening, barring passage into Kardia. The Shadewine River runs through the lowest point of the pass, under the Wall of Shadowpass, and into the plains. A tent city of gold prospectors gathers on the mountain side of the wall to pan for gold before it passes into Kardia. Those bringing gold back into Kardia are heavily taxed, but the practice is encouraged.

Near Shadewine River stands to Fortress of Shadowpass which guards to wall and the city of Rothwyr. On the Eastern and Western Reaches of the wall stand twin keeps, simply called Eastreach and Westreach. Towers are spaced along the wall not more than a bowshot apart. The wall is perhaps 10 paces high. Where the Shadewine passes through the wall, a great iron grate blocks passage. The grate is periodically raised for cleaning and to allow the passage of logjams and various detritus, or to allow small vessels in or out. The river broadens and slows as it passes the wall, though in the grand scheme of things it is a minor river. Eventually it flows into the Lyros River, near Remarra.
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